Residential Dumpster FAQs

Residential Dumpster FAQs

  • How long can you rent a dumpster for?

The length of time you have your residential dumpster rental is entirely up to you. Whether it’s for a few days or a month, the rental time is customizable to your project needs.

  • Are residential dumpsters expensive?

The price of a residential dumpster rental depends on the size and weight of the debris you need to dispose of – our knowledgeable team can help you estimate what dumpster will work best for you, and budget accordingly. And don’t forget – with a dumpster rental you are saving valuable time and labor.

  • Do I have to move the dumpster myself?

No! Our team will set up a time and location for the drop off of your residential dumpster, and an experienced driver will handle the transport.

  • Can you throw everything in a landfill?

There are a few restricted items, such as paint or hazardous chemicals. If you have questions about a specific item going in your dumpster, just call our staff.