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Proguard Property Services is your one stop for all your Home Service Needs. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home we can help ensure that the home is in tip top shape. You can choose from one of our many types of inspection services that will help you make a better informed decision about the home. Our desire is to make this part of the home buying or selling experience as smooth and worry free as possible.

Proguard Property Services can also help you with any room addition or remodel project  you may be dreaming about. We will sit down with you and discuss your plans and make them come to reality. No room is to small or idea to big that we will not be able to help you complete.

 At Proguard Property Services we take pride in being the best at what we do. You and your home are our #1 Priority. Let us show you how we can help with all your home service needs.

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Whether you need a home inspection, septic system maintenance, or a complete remodel in Western North Carolina
ProGuard Property Services can help!



Gaining Knowledge

Septic System Maintenance Tips

Septic systems should be inspected yearly to ensure your on-site sewage system is running safely and efficiently. Septic systems are made up of two important parts; the septic tank and the drain field. All your home’s wastewater (from toilets, showers, sinks, and laundry) flows into the septic tank where effluent (water) and scum (fats and grease) separate. Effluent regularly exits the septic tank into the drain field where it is naturally filtered by bacteria and...

Gaining Knowledge